100 Grand No Selling

Compensation: $2 Per Email (No one needs to buy anything in order to get paid) + 50% Commission on 1st Orders

How to Register: You are already Registered

To Get Started: Post Your Affiliate Links on Free Classified Ads

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Online Payday System

Compensation: $20-$80 Commission for Free Trial Offers

How to Register: Free to Register. Watch video and do Steps #1-3

Empower Network

Compensation: Earn up to $4,500 in commission on a single sale. Plus $25 -$125 a month in residual income on each sale. Highest paying affiliate commission program on the market. Very convincing video.

How to Register: Watch video and purchase the Blogging System. $25 a month.

*Income Disclaimer: This is an education company and marketing platform, and not an income opportunity. This is not a get rich quick business, network marketing, chain letter, job or an envelope stuffing scam. These claims are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average users or average participants in any other business to which the program may be applied. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.  A typical person will get the information, procrastinate, never follow through and make no money at all. Not available in NC and SD.

To make ‘$1,000 a Week*’ as an independent commission mailer, you must generate 500 leads either by Inquiry Envelopes, mail them one of our sales letters and provide us the original used inquiry envelopes; Or simply generate 500 valid inquired email addresses to our website with your Reference ID/phone number for that week. If you do 250 for that week, you’ll receive $500 for that week. If you only generate 100 Leads for that week, you’ll receive $200 for that week and so on. Lead does not need to buy anything in order to receive credit/payment.

You will be credited for all Leads generated and all Leads will roll over every week until the first 50 Leads has been generated. Once 50 Inquiry Envelope Leads or Email Leads ($100 in commission) has been reached commission will automatically be paid on the next scheduled payment day. However, if you can make a special request to be paid for your Leads that is under $100, simply send us a request by email or mail and we will send you a check on the next scheduled payment date. Checks are issued on the 5th of every month. Additionally, 50% commission is earned on initial sales of products purchased from the leads you have generated. 50% cannot be earned on purchasing products yourself. Checks are issued on the 5th of every month.

This is absolutely not an offer of employment or a ‘JOB’ that you can do from home. Work from home ‘Jobs’ are rarely offered. And if they are, they usually require lots of experience. If you are looking for a ‘Job’ that you can do from home, then we would highly recommend you stop your search and possibly look for traditional employment. Our recommendation is that, you should not get involved with any ‘Work at Home’ business opportunity and to stop searching for a ‘JOB’ in a Home ‘BUSINESS’ magazine. We do offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this program in any way.